Story by Anya Murphy
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Polaris Introduces XPEDITION UTV: Overland News

Get the best of both worlds with this innovative Polaris UTV.

With the 2024 release of the XPEDITION, Polaris is solving an age-old overlander’s gripe. We love to hop behind the wheel of a UTV, ripping up some dirt to access rough trails for off road adventure. But UTV travel doesn’t really work for longer periods of time because, well, how would we fit our stuff? The lack of gear storage on most UTVs is a major deterrent to UTV-based overlanding. But that’s where XPEDITION comes in.

XPEDITION’s aim, according to Polaris, is to “[combine] the all-terrain capabilities of traditional side-by-sides with comfort and cargo capabilities typically associated with overlanding at the highest level.” We’re excited to see what the UTV can do!

“In light of the incredible growth of the adventure segment, we decided to dramatically change the game with a vehicle that takes no cues from predecessors and leads the way for an entirely new side-by-side experience,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President, Polaris Off Road Recreation. “Our goal was to bridge the worlds of traditional side-by-sides and overlanding with a vehicle that allows the most passionate adventurers to go farther and deeper than ever and discover totally new destinations and experiences.”

Combining the storage of a truck with the fun of a UTV is brilliant, in our humble opinion. There’s always a time and place for utility UTVs. That’s certainly true. But now there’s an option designed specifically for outdoor adventure.

“We identified a definitive opportunity in the market around outdoor adventure and an increasing amount of consumers pursuing outdoor experiences, from the more traditional things like camping, hiking, hunting and fishing, to more sport-oriented, athletic pursuits like mountain biking or kayaking,” said Steve Menneto, President, Polaris Off Road. “We are driving our industry forward… with innovation in the adventure side-by-side market to meet the needs of passionate adventurers.”

Polaris XPEDITION Features and Available Accessories

  • Integrated fold-flat rear sets
  • Pass-through cab
  • Easy roof rack solutions
  • Fully enclosed cab with roof coverage
  • Windows
  • Optional heating and air conditioning
  • Fully-covered pass-through rear cargo box
  • Rhino-Rack roof rack systems
  • Polaris roof top tent, kayak holder, fishing rod holder
  • 2-seat or 5-seat configurations
  • Lock & Ride MAX Cargo System
  • FOX Podium QS3 Shocks with Position Sensitive Spiral technology
  •  114-Horsepower, ProStar 1000 Gen 2 engine
  • Pro Armor 30” Crawler XP tires
  • Polaris HD 4,500 LB winch
  • Polaris PULSE electrical system
  • and MORE!

For more information about the 2024 Polaris XPEDITION, visit

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