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Pocketknives for Outdoor and Daily Use

As we’re in the warm days of summer and edge closer to fall, being outdoors usually necessitates the carrying of certain tools and gear. For us, we always reach for a good pair of sunglasses, sunblock, and one of our trustworthy pocketknives. Aside from saving our retinas and skin from the sun, we recognize that a good knife can take care of many of our other needs on the trail, including cutting, digging, and prying, and can be useful in our daily tasks as well, such as opening those Amazon packages. In this edition of Made The Cut, we look at popular pocketknives for outdoor and daily use. Which one will you stick in your pocket?

SOG Terminus XR

SOG Terminus XR pocketknives

Closed Length: 4.26 in.
Open Length: 7.21 in.
Blade Length: 2.95 in.
Blade Material: CPM S35VN
Handle Material: G10 and Carbon Fiber
Weight: 3.2 oz.
MSRP: $90

Benchmade 535BK-2 Bugout

Benchmade 535BK-2 Bugout

Closed Length: 4.22 in.
Open Length: 7.46 in.
Blade Length: 3.24 in.
Blade Material: CPM-S30V
Handle Material: Versaflex
Weight: 1.8 oz.
MSRP: $170

Spyderco Roc G-19 Black

Spyderco Roc G-19 Black pocketknives

Closed Length: 4.69 in.
Open Length: 7.76 in.
Blade Length: 3.07 in.
Blade Material: VG-10
Handle Material: G10
Weight: 3.1 oz.
MSRP: $275

TOPS Knives Baja 4.5 Reserve Edition

TOPS Knives Baja 4.5 Reserve Edition

Overall Length: 9.25 in.
Blade Length: 4.88 in.
Blade Material: 195 RC 56-58
Handle Material: Tan Canvas Micarta
Weight: 6.4 oz.
MSRP: $180

CRKT Raikiri

CRKT Raikiri pocketknives

Closed Length: 5.11 in.
Open Length: 8.94 in.
Blade Length: 3.76 in.
Blade Material: 1.4116
Handle Material: ADC12 Aluminum
Weight: 5.0 oz.
MSRP: $65

Kershaw Camp 5

Kershaw Camp 5

Overall Length: 9.125 in.
Blade Length: 4.75 in.
Blade Material: D2
Handle Material: Glass-Filled Nylon
Weight: 5.7 oz.
MSRP: $95

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the July/August 2020 print issue of Tread Magazine

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