Leitner Active Cargo System: Supporting your Rack

Leitner Designs of Corona California, opened up in 2007 as an R&D firm and in 2014 shifted its focus from research and design to manufacturing a line of truck accessories, cornerstoned on Leitner’s Active Cargo System (ACS).

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Bernhard Leitner, the man behind the ACS bed rack, is the son of famed motorsports legend Horst Leitner and his company ATK, and eventually AMP Research.

The Active Cargo System is a modular truck bed rack system, that is available for all domestic manufacturers, and Nissan and Toyota’s offerings. Using a fabricated aluminum frame coupled with aluminum extrusions, the ACS system can be adapted to fit any need, and when not in use, the rails can slide all the way forward allowing full free, uninhibited use of the truck bed for dirtbikes, motorcycles, ATVs or other oversized loads.

Being built from aluminum, the entire rack system weighs a mere 70 pounds, and it’s extreme engineering means a 250-pound off-road weight capacity, 500-pound on-road weight capacity, and a 1000-pound static load capacity. Available for bed lengths ranging from 5 feet to monster 8-foot beds, all components are the same allowing accessories to be moved around the rack as needed to fit different build outs.

We have used this rack personally on our 2017 RAM Power Wagon build for the last 25,000 miles and not a single complaint can be made about it or its accessories. If you are a truck owner and need a bed rack that can fit your lifestyle without compromise, Leitner Designs Active Cargo System is for you.

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