Gluing Metal with Metal

The welder is one of those tools that, unless you are a fabricator, probably only gets used a handful of times a year. It is also one of those tools that makes you wonder how you got through life before you had it. And now that you do, cannot quite imagine how you could continue on without it because every time you use it, it is the only tool for the job.

Welders come in all shapes and sizes, but the most useful ones are MIG welders, which span the wide range of 110V ones you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot, to the big boy 220V ones that are capable of welding inch plate in a single pass. For us, we had no idea which to get because we had big dreams and a small skillset. We were and still are, by definition, the hobbyist welder. For us we selected the Miller 210 (now updated to the Miller 220). It has the ability to switch between 110V and 220V power based on what plug you are using, and gives you a huge range of ability based on the limitations of your power availability.

Do not have 220V in the garage? No problem, grab your MAPP torch and preheat that plate metal so the 110V does not have to work so hard. Saw the future and put a 220V in your garage? Awesome, this guy can build a Ultra4 car without trouble.

And just like that, you started the first step in harnessing the power of electricity to tame steel. What welder are you using? Have you ever welded before? Share your stories in the comments below.

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