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Getting Tested: BlackStone’s Oil Sample Testing

You should get yourself tested.

Yes, this article is exactly what you think it’s about. (And trust us, we are not trying to fear monger you into doing it.) Getting tested is key to making sure you get to keep having fun with your ‘co-pilot’, wherever it is you want to do it. Most people are not the first to take a ‘test drive’, and you never know where it’s been. So before you’re married to the idea of keeping this one, you ought to know. Right?  Blackstone Labs thinks so too, and they have been doing engine oil sample testing for decades now.

They take an engine oil sample from you, in their USPS approved shipping container, and during testing, put it through its paces to see what its contents are. They ask for oil viscosity, its manufacturer, its age and other various key bits of information about the vehicle itself. After running it through its test, they compare it to the manufacturers original specifications and can tell you literally what is going on down to the T on the inside of your engine. From bearing wear, to oil life, they can tell you what to expect from the remaining years of your engines life and how to treat it going forward.

The process is very simple to do, as well. Go to their website and order an oil test kit. The kit itself is free, and you pay when your oil test results come back. It’s a great deal, coming in at a whopping $35. So, do yourself a favor and get a test, so you can keep having fun.

Logo for Blackstone Laboratories, an engine oil testing company.

Editor’s Note: A version of this story previously appeared on in August 2018.

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