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2020 Ford Super Duty: Godzilla Power in a Streamlined Package

This past week Ford pulled the veil off of the new ‘20 Super Duty, and while it’s just a revision of the existing Alumiduty design, some major improvements have been made centered around the driveline.

Featuring revised bodywork in the form of a fresh tailgate, and a new fascia, Ford set to work on improving aerodynamics as well as and flow characteristics to the radiator. There are two new engine options with undisclosed power output, so they’re stepping their game up in the air flow department to cool these big power houses can really only mean one thing — big power.

Power comes from the current 6.2L SOHC “BOSS” V-8 engine, and will be paired with the current 6-speed automatic transmission. New power comes from the recently announced 7.3L OHV “Godzilla” V-8 that Ford claims is the most powerful naturally aspirated gas engine they have ever put in a truck, and developed specifically for the new 10-speed automatic transmission launching in the ‘20 Super Duty line up. A revised third generation 6.7L “Scorpion” PowerStroke Turbo Diesel, also mated to the new 10-speed auto.

There is not much known about the new transmission, other than it’s a scaled up, beefed up version of the standard duty one found in the F-150 and Ranger. Carrying the internal name of 10R140, we know that it fits in the same space as the former 6-speed, weighs 3.5 lbs. more, and has an input torque rating of 1,400 lb-ft of torque.

The ‘20 Super Duty will be on lots this fall, so keep your ears to the ground and check back for when power numbers get released for the new engines.

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