Skipping Leg Day

In a hilarious shift from ultra-low profile, stretched and stanced wheel and tire setups on four-wheel-drive diesel trucks, we have now done a full 180 and landed squarely on “how small of a tire and wheel can actually fit?”

YouTuber Bug BMX picked up a set of 12-inch 1,000lb-load rated trailer tires from the local hardware store as it’s the smallest tire that can actually fit on a RAM 2500 HD, without dragging the rear AAM 11.8-inch axle’s differential on the ground. Then, with careful surgery via a plasma cutter and some custom 8×6.5 to 4×6.5 wheel adaptors, we suddenly have a lifted truck that previously sported 37s, on a very cute 12-inch setup.

Check out the hilarity below. Burnouts start at 10:57 — you’re welcome.

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