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Overland Expo West 2022 in Flagstaff

We start off the weekend with a Jeep and trailer walkaround with Scott Willeford, aka TexasXlander. His white Jeep and matching trailer are off-road ready and remote-camping ready. While we always enjoy seeing him on trail, it was a treat to see the off-road products and upgrades he chose for his adventure set up.
Next, we stop by the Eibach booth at Overland Expo West 2022. We see what new suspension options they are bringing to the overland market. We’ve previously gone in depth on the Load Leveling Kit and their Stage 2 suspension set ups. We heard they were coming out with something for the Ford Bronco and a reservoir shock and needed to find out.
A trip to Overland Expo West is not complete without some time with Phil Kockerbeck of Down 2 Mob and Juli The Overlander Next Door. We met Phil back in 2019 at Northwest Overland Rally and have been following along on his adventures, his Jeep Gladiator build and the addition of the finally installed Bison Camper. Phil’s authenticity translates to real life and getting a chance to catch up was entertaining. We were there at King of the Hammers 2021 when the axle on the Gladiator broke, and the transformation that has ensued.
Family nomads Kirt and Jen are traveling full time in their DIY Wonderbox truck build. The inside is simply stunning and inviting. We couldn’t wait to sit on the porch and get to know them more and how they made the big decision to go full time.
Dometic hosted cooking demos by Linhbergh and Karissa. We ate patiently awaited the chance to eat some of the famous Japanese Taco Rice. Grab the recipe and tantalize your taste buds on the next trip.
It’s rare to see a Subaru Outback built to be trail ready and there was one that caught our eye. Owner, Kerry, is also a Rebelle Rally participant and showed us all the gear she carries with her on adventures. Kerry and fellow Rebelle Andrea Shaffer helped out in the Wagan Tech booth so attendees could see first-hand the applications of their products.
Yeti and Yolo arrived in Flagstaff, AZ, after competing in the 2022 NORRA Mexican 1000. We couldn’t wait to hear about about their racing experience and impressions. The race was thrilling and included some extremely special moments that truly brought things full circle for Yeti and his Ford Ranger build. This interview is worth the watch for those who think the universe brings you incredible opportunities and blesses you with special moments when you put good out into the world. Yeti and Yolo always exude special energy and the tales they tell are results of their gratitude and humble disposition about incredible opportunities. And that’s why we can never get enough time with these two.
A quick pitstop at the Belltech booth provided us the opportunity to see their offerings for off roaders and overlanders. Perfect for the work truck that takes vacations, the Belltech suspension setups are hearty, affordable and have multiple applications.
Jordan Kepler invited Jillian Rebekah to the Roam Adventure Co. booth where they did some knife making together. Jordan explained the process to his audience and we always love watching Jillian have fun. She was at Overland Expo West 2022 promoting her new podcast, Citi-zen J, which is discussing critical community topics through the female lens. Jillian and her posse always bring the fun and encourage other women to get behind the wheel and join the community of off roaders.
Campfire cooking is always an adventure treat. That is why we support, use and encourage others to check out the Adventure Chef Knife collection from Chef Adam Glick. He just build a new outdoor camping cooking trailer that he had open for others to see at Expo West. Those who love cooking at camp and a good tool, like a knife, to get the job done will value the professional chef knives. Adam’s mobile kitchen trailer is towed behind a Ford 2013 Ford F250 with a Four Wheel Camper. This build takes him to his favorite remote spots where he can enjoy a delicious fresh meal and sleep under the stars.
And last, but not least, Alex from Sherpa Equipment Co. walks us around his King of the Hammers racetruck. We learn about the truck modifications made to get it race ready and the plans the owners have for next year’s race.
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