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August 2020

African Defense in Namibia’s Harshest Place After ensuring there weren’t any goats, springbok, or giraffe on the runway, we touched down to a surprisingly smooth landing on the dirt strip in Opuwo, located in the remote far Northwest of Namibia—Africa’s most sparsely populated country. Just outside of the

Beautiful Women Who Defy Convention Go Virtual Emily Miller morphed two words to make the moniker for the Rebelle Rally, blending “rebel” and “belle” into the name for the all-women’s rally she started five years ago. A beautiful woman who defies convention became the watchword for this

In the Driver Seat Women are active listeners and doers. We take great pride in completing tasks for our families, friends, and significant others. But, what about ourselves? Why do certain things seem unattainable? Is it because we’re afraid of failing, not sure where to start, or

Glamping on the Go What’s your ideal way to camp? Are you minimalistic, preferring to camp with only what you carry on your back? Or are you on the other side of the spectrum, opting to roll into the campsite with every civilized convenience possible? If you

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