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March 2018

In today’s world, automotive components are largely moving towards aluminum as a means of saving weight while still being strong. Manufacturers, like Ford, have gone to incredibly great lengths to drop as much weight from their trucks as possible and increase their utility by totally manufacturing

I’m a big supporter of gear that is worth its salt, and I am even more a fan of timeless designs that have been improved over their life. Danner boots are classic gear. They may not be the most high-tech design with the most high-tech materials,

Picture this: It’s 1960, and Kaiser-Jeep Corporation owns Willys-Overland, the father of the original Willy’s MB Jeep that helped win World War II. The Big Three—Ford, General Motors and Chrysler—are targeting Jeep’s four-wheel-drive market, and coming up with vehicles of their own for competition. Brooks Stevens, Willy’s

Super lightweight cookware is all the rage right now in the camping industry. Vendors like SnowPeak and others, have invested in tooling out cookware from titanium and other high-end alloys, but many have forgotten the time tested, and arguably the most foolproof tool of them all—the

If you have ever had the opportunity to meet the wonderful Graeme and Luisa Bell of A2A Expedition, then you know you have just spent a moment with some of the most down-to-earth, humble, wonderful people on the planet. Their journey started many years ago in

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