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Don’t Get All Keyed Up with the KeySmart Pro

KeySmart has been around for a few years now, liberating pockets across the globe of gangly, unsightly bundles and a rats nests of keys, masterfully organizing them.

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Gone are the days of not knowing which key does what, or where those keys are, or the telltale jingle of someone that opens too many doors. Today, we can consolidate because less is more. Right?

Well KeySmart knows how important your keys are, and how frustrating it can be to lose them or misplace them—especially when you need them most. Teaming up with Tile—the name in Bluetooth black magic wizardry for finding things—they created a new KeySmart dubbed the “Pro” with Tile built in, and a nifty LED flashlight.

With the KeySmart Pro, you can carry up to 10 individual keys along with the built-in loop ring and bottle opener. Featuring all stainless steel hardware, it is ready to go whenever you are, no matter the conditions.

As an Amazon Associate, Tread earns from qualifying purchases.

A 45-day battery for the Tile means you only need to recharge it a handful of days a year, and pairing it with the free Tile app means you can find your keys when you need them. Lost your phone? Hit the tile button on your KeySmart and if your phone is in range it will set off an alarm that can only be turned off by unlocking your smart phone. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant to boot.

How much for all this stellar technology? A mere $59.99—and you can get them everywhere online, from direct at getkeysmart.com to Amazon.

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