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The Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of the coolest, new tools to come out of the outdoor industry’s collective minds is the new Warn Drill Winch.While being super compact, the Drill Winch packs a serious punch. At about the size of a gallon of milk, it features 30 feet of wire rope, and integrated hawse fairlead and rigging hooks on the front and rear. It has a 500lb single line pulling capacity and has a free-spool clutch for easy, quick rigging. Best of all? It has a toothed input shaft on the side to be powered by a drill.

A good portion of overlanders and off-roaders keep an impact gun and a drill handy in their kits, so the Warn Drill Winch is a great companion to throw in the back of the truck if you expect to come across a trail that needs to be cleared or you have daily activities that need a little extra strength. Thanks to its simple design, and use of a drill/driver for its power source, the Drill Winch is inexpensive at $110. Go grab one and charge the battery on your drill—you have work to do.

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