Firebox Stoves are just about the simplest rocket stoves you can get on the market for camping.

Made from laser-cut stainless steel plate, it packs flat and assembles quickly via hinged construction for a true folding stove. Designed to be pre-fueled so you do not have to mess with the flames while cooking, it’s also designed around being a multi-fuel user. From wood, to charcoal, gel fuels and anything in-between – if it burns, this thing can use it.

Available with a multitude of accessories to turn it from a grill to an oven or a boil plate, its robust construction gives it strength to support cast iron dutch ovens. Measuring seven and a half inches tall, and a mere .375” thick collapsed and two pounds.

At $59.99 its a cheap entry into clean burning camp stoves, and it has free shipping. Get yours from