April 2018

There is a war being waged on the truck battlefront. For years, American manufacturers touted their Open-C channel frames were designed to flex, while the Japanese market reveled in their fully boxed frames, with their strength and their other advantages they had over the American market.

Here in the United States, most of the country is blanketed in cellular phone coverage. Help is normally not that far away, until you start getting into the remote areas of the West, Alaska or venturing into the wilderness of Canada. In other parts of the

Knives and I have not had the greatest running relationship. When I was a kid, my dad presented me with my first pocket knife. It was a cheap little buck folder with what I recall as an inch-long blade. I progressed from there to a neat

Picture this: You just finished a grueling day of mountain-biking. You are sweaty, dirty. You stink and all you want is a fresh change of clothes and to get this funk off of you. But, there is not a shower for hundreds of miles because you

Your cheap eBay special LED Light bar sucks, and here is why. There are several major factors that drive the cost of the ‘premium’ light bars: -Construction -Drivers and Thermal Management -Diodes -Optics We are going to focus on all of these because they’re all important. Why’s that?

Unless you live in, around or near the desert wastelands of the western United States, it is pretty hard to find a place to really see the stars and the Milky Way at night because of all the light pollution.   That is not actually the case

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