April 2018

The craftsman at FJ.co are some of the best in the world when it comes to nut and bolt restorations of old Toyota Land Cruisers. This shot-by-shot compilation of a restoration of a ‘84 FJ43 Land Cruiser follows the full process start to finish.

Life is full of compromises, whether it is a financial decision or conceding to your significant other’s demands and putting on that awful argyle sweater vest; compromises. But, life is short as well, so it is really conflicting and complex issue to deal with. Something that can

The diesel engine swap has been a long-coveted modification from off-roaders, but it has not always been easy. Generally, the only diesel engines that have been available in the United States, thanks to our extremely strict emissions standards, have been large and heavy medium duty engines

There are so many different options with aftermarket exhausts that it is almost a mind-numbing subject. One of the biggest rifts is the selection of aluminized steel or stainless. Let’s first back up and take a look at the molecular level of both metals and what

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