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The Jeep Cherokee XJ ended production the summer of 2001, and left a void in the off-road world that Chrysler left the Wrangler to pick up the pieces with. This week's video comes from our friends at The Fast Lane Truck, pitting a 1991 XJ Cherokee

This week’s video comes from Northmen and their construction of a wooden timber home, using all traditional (read: non-power) construction methods. This start to finish short film starts at the falling of trees, and finishes with a crackling fire in the fireplace. Go grab a drink

This week’s video comes from Lifestyle Overland, and part of their prequel series that outlines their transition from your every day weekend warrior with a stable full-time job, to living out of their truck 100-percent full time and not looking back.

Jonathan Ward from ICON is back, and this time, the Hoonigan garage takes you deep into the mind of a crazy man. A man crazy enough to go beyond a frame off restoration, and make this ‘65 Kaiser-Jeep Wagoneer better than it ever could have been.

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