Tread Jan/Feb 2023


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About the Magazine

The forty-first issue of Tread brings a variety of vehicle builds, Australian adventures and ways to prep for winter. In the January/February 2023 issue, there’s something for everyone. Jeep drivers will enjoy a piece on the history of Jeep and its founder Karl K. Probst. Also included is a feature on Scott Willeford’s Jeep JL and accompanying Boreas trailer that take him all over the west coast on various off grid adventures. A RAM built for adventure and filming gets to transform into a family camping mobile. Jeff Coxen shows off his purpose-built truck, which is used to film documentaries or take his family on excursions. Toyota fans can read more about the 2023 Sequoia, while learning more about the Destination Outdoor event. An off-road Porsche Cayenne graces our pages to show that luxury can also get dirty. Eurowise owner Mike Ngo not only competed in the Red Clay Rally in 2021 in the Cayenne, but also drive it across the country to SEMA, hitting the dirt along the way. Winter gear, the Summer Alcan Rally and Land Rover Trek round out the issue to add some gear and excitement to the pages. Packed full of a little bit of everything, it’s an issue you don’t want to miss.

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