May 2021

Respecting Mother Nature while Exploring Lands Less Traveled Exploring British Columbia (BC), Canada’s backcountry, can present itself with unique beauty like none other. White-capped mountains stand proud in the distance while gentle breezes brush across your cheek. Trail-side thistles protrude from the ground in an outstanding fashion

The Overland Community Displays Altruism With a Car Show Amidst a Pandemic Being stuck inside is an overlander's worst nightmare. But this is exactly what happened in the spring of 2020 when states, one by one, required stay-at-home orders to protect the health and safety of their

How to Navigate Your Way Using Celestial Breadcrumbs Do you know how to navigate using stars and constellations? You're marooned in a small life raft. You're stranded for two blinding bright days and two very dark nights, waves of an unforgiving ocean are crashing around you. Without

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